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Expat and Elsewhere Publications

Supporting community literacy and international education

Gobreau is an independent publisher specializing in literary fiction by emerging writers and international works in translation. With a trio of headquarters in Key Largo, Florida; Lausanne, Switzerland; and London, England, Gobreau Press draws attention from a diverse and vibrant intellectual community of authors and artists. Gobreau prides itself on presenting excellent and accessible writing in both digital and print formats. We are honored that you have come to this site to visit.

"Outsider heroes can reveal universal truths in great literature. Expatriate writing takes this outsider protagonist

further -- he or she is not just an outsider in a small social network but in the entire culture of immersion. While navigating new challenges, it is imperative to retain carefully-chosen aspects of the home culture as well as quickly discarding others. The decisions required reveal much more than a single character's journey."

-- Margaret Saine, Editor

MAILBOX: A Scattershot Novel of Racing, Dares and Danger, Occasional Nakedness and Faith by Nancy Freund (May, 2015) is available now through independent booksellers and libraries, or it may be purchased online, in print or ebook. It was named a finalist by Foreword Reviews' 2015 Young Adult Book of the Year INDIEFAB Award. In a beguiling story of self-discovery, meet 13-year-old Sandy Drue, a scrappy, agnostic adolescent protagonist who believes she's discovered the meaning of life. Like a linear jigaw of the 1970s, Sandy assembles her vignettes and tips for life, revealing her family's story as displaced New Yorkers in Small Town USA, and her own push-pull entry into adulthood... the ways in which she wants to emulate her intellectual/artist mother, and the ways she'll choose to diverge. See the author's website for reviews and press coverage, including items in Female First, Blog Talk Radio, Webb Weaver Books, Back Porch Writer, Bee Reads Books, Celebrate Woman Today, and more.

RAPESEED by Nancy Freund (September, 2013) is available now through independent booksellers and libraries, or it may be purchased online, in print or ebook. It features expatriate experience and synesthesia, the brain phenomenon of blended senses. RAPESEED was named a finalist for Book of the Year in General Fiction by Foreword Reviews. It was also honored as a Category Finalist by the Eric Hoffer Prize, May 2015. See the author's website for other press coverage, including items in The Daily Mail, BBC London Radio, UKMumsTV, Female First, World Radio Switzerland, and more.

GLOBAL HOME COOKING: International Families' Favorite Recipes (November, 2014) is available now in full-color casebound hardback through independent booksellers and libraries, or it may be purchased online, in print or fixed-layout format color ebook. It features 141 recipes from 102 international families from 41 countries, with photography by Jennifer Scanlon. This book's proceeds support the International Baccalaureate scholarship for the International School of Lausanne. GLOBAL HOME COOKING received Honorable Mention for the Eric Hoffer Prize, May 2015 and reached Amazon #1 Bestseller in its category.

Literary Fiction

MAILBOX, May, 2015

"As with all of Freund's prose, there is a wonderful energy and humor to the writing. Mailbox is a fantastic piece of fiction and as true to life as a careful documentary."

— Michelle Bailat-Jones, Christopher Doheney Prize winning author of Fog Island Mountains

RAPESEED, September, 2013

"Funny, engaging, and painfully true."

— Meg Gardiner, Edgar Award-winning author of The Shadow Tracer

"... at times heartbreaking... Rapeseed works to answer the age-old questions of what it means to be a family."

—Myfanwy Collins, author of Echolocation



t's 1976. The USA turns 200 while scrappy agnostic adolescent protagonist, Sandy Drue turns ten, finds an electric typewriter in her father's office and begins churning out pages on the conflicting demands of burgeoning adolescence and her own search for the Meaning of Life. The Drue family moves from New York to Small Town, USA where Sandy and her brother try to fit in. Sandy's parents encourage her curiosity, her imagination, and her challenge of social conventions, but not without cost. In the beguiling second novel from Nancy Freund, MAILBOX is a mother-daughter love story opening a doorway to the universal world of adolescence and self-discovery.

"Mailbox is a book you’d love to have nearby at all times. It is reminiscent of childhood fears and triumphs, an amazing ability of a human mind to create and weave a story of life’s happenings, so to say."

— Celebrate Woman Today

"In vignettes that bring to mind Sandra Cisneros' masterpiece The House on Mango Street, Nancy Freund's Mailbox tells an engaging, senstive, and at times very funny coming-of-age story. Her protagonist, Sandy Drue, is a hyper-articulate, charming narrator... for both the young and old, parents and children, anyone with a heart that feels and a head full of questions..." — Brian Gresko, editor of When I First Held You: 22 Critically Acclaimed Writers Talk About the Triumphs, Challenges, and Transformative Experience of Fatherhood.

"Freund's prose is a gift. Her straightforward style comes off as simple, yet goes straight for the gut."

— Katie Hayoz, author of Untethered

Can you trust your own brain? Challenging what we know about our senses, Rapeseed features a synesthetic woman from Kansas with cross-wired colors in her letters, numbers, and her turbulent memories. She’s been quietly keeping secrets from --and with -- her husband until his job moves the family to England and rocks their carefully constructed history. Desperate to untangle the mixed textures of her past while her teenage son confronts a dangerous future, she navigates busy London and winding country roads in search of the one thing promising resolution. A luminous novel from a bright new voice in contemporary fiction.

 "A tender and evocative novel about the slippery nature of home and inheritance... Nancy Freund writes with authority and charm."

— Nick Dybek, author of When Captain Flint Was Still a Good Man

"A novel of resilience and heart, of teenaged indiscretions and marital discontentment, humor... and boundless compassion."

— Amber Dermont, New York Times bestselling author of The Starboard Sea

"A smart, sharply observed debut."

— Steve Himmer, author of The Bee-Loud Glade

“Switzerland’s population is only about 75% Swiss, so it’s quite fitting that this celebration of international cuisine

was born here. Living in a foreign country doesn’t mean

giving up your roots; it just means learning to graft new

traditions and ideas on to your existing ones. Global

Home Cooking is a mouth-watering taster of 41 nations’ favourite dishes.”

– Diccon Bewes, bestselling author of Slow Train to Switzerland and Swiss Watching (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2013 and 2010)